Here’s where you’ll find any stuff relating to winter biking.

Before I set off to Northern Scandinavia in January 2013, I knew very little about winter biking.

I found plenty of useful info from other people who have done it:

Winter Biking

But it turns out that nothing prepares you better than actually getting out there and trying it.

The three-week trip to Scandinavia was a little taster and a trial to see how’d I’d get on in the cold. I loved it. But the end goal was to spend a winter cycling through Siberia.

So, the following year, having ridden across some of Asia during the summer, I continued my journey into Siberia through the months of February to April. It was cold. Damn cold. Think -50C. If you can imagine it. Except you can’t imagine such cold… you have to feel it.

Anyway, cycling through Siberia in the winter was tough. Really tough. I didn’t get to blog much during the ride… but I have since written a book about it – A Siberian Winter’s Tale.