It’s nearly the end of 2010 and I’ve just hit 20,000km – time for some more statistics. Now according to my original plan, I should be in Cape Town by now, having covered that far. But the best thing about plans, like rules, they’re made to be broken.

So Happy Christmas all. Greetings from Livingstone, Zambia!!

Kilometres cycled: 20,033
Kilometres paddled: 350

Days since first leaving the UK: 524
Nights spent in Africa: 436
Nights spent in Africa without paying for accommodation: 260
Most consecutive nights in a tent: 39
Days spent cycling: 227
Number of days cycling alone (on this ‘solo’ adventure): 102
Most consecutive days without using the bike: 25

Average daily distance cycled (cycling days only) in kilometres: 88.3
Average daily distance cycled (rest days included) in kilometres: 37.8

Number of countries travelled through: 20
Number of times I have crossed the Guinean border (legally or otherwise): 8
Number of trains taken: 3 (Mauritanian iron ore train, Booue to Franceville in Gabon, Kaniema to Lubumbashi in DR Congo)
Number of buses taken: 1 (Kumasi to Accra, Ghana)

Most kilometres cycled in one day: 178
Biggest hill cycled up: 1609m
Maximum recorded temperature I have cycled in, in Fahrenheit: 111
Top speed in kilometres per hour: 69

Most consecutive days without a shower: 15
Most consecutive days wearing the same bike shorts without washing them: 12
Number of hot showers in Africa: 13

Number of snakes and scorpions seen (alive): 19
Number of snakes seen in Cameroon and Gabon (dead): 20
Number of termites embedded in my leg: 1
Number of termites eaten (with chilli): 344
Mosquito bites: 1849*
Most sandfly bites at any one time: 369*

Marriage proposals: 35*
River Crossings (by boat): 17
Most books I had in my panniers at any given time: 15
Most currencies I have carried at one time: 9 (pound, dollar, euro, rand, CFA, Guinea Franc, Leone, Ouguiya, Dalasi)
Cycle tourers met in Africa: 7
Number of puncture repair patches used: 4
Number of times I have worn a bike helmet: 2

Accidents caused: 2
Number of times I have fallen off: 2 (Senegal, DR Congo)
Number of times I have been hit by passing traffic: 1
Dead people seen: 3 (bike accident in Morocco, hit and run in Sierra Leone and Nigeria)

Times I have been given incorrect change: 51*
Bribes demanded (excuding DRC): 3
Bribes demanded in DRC: 28*
Bribes paid: 1

Holes in my Icebreaker top before throwing it away: 134
Pairs of sunglasses lost: 4
Flip-flops broken: 6
Different stoves used: 4
Laptops broken: 1
Bottles of suncream used: 5

Mayonnaise sandwiches eaten: 92*
Bananas eaten: lost count
Most mangoes eaten in one day: 7
Most melons eaten in one day: 2

Books read: 57

Beers drunk: 793
Average kilometres cycled per beer: 25.3

And some DR Congo specifics…

Kilometres cycled in DR Congo: 2051
Beers drunk in DR Congo: 268
Different types of beer drunk in DRC: 9 (Primus, Tembo, Simba, Turbo King, Skol, Doppel, 33 Export, Heineken, Castel)
Average kilometres cycled per beer in DR Congo: 7.7

(* denotes an estimate)