It’s been a while since I published any stats, so for those who like numbers –

Kilometres cycled: 17,123
Kilometres paddled: 350

Days since first leaving the UK: 427
Nights spent in Africa: 339
Nights spent in Africa without paying for accommodation: 179
Most consecutive nights in a tent: 39
Days spent cycling: 198
Number of days cycling alone (on this ‘solo’ adventure): 102
Most consecutive days without using the bike: 24

Average daily distance cycled (cycling days only) in kilometres: 86.5
Average daily distance cycled (rest days included) in kilometres: 40.1

Number of countries travelled through: 19
Number of times I have crossed the Guinean border (legally or otherwise): 8

Most kilometres cycled in one day: 178
Biggest hill cycled up: 1609m
Maximum recorded temperature I have cycled in, in Fahrenheit: 111
Top speed in kilometres per hour: 67

Most consecutive days without a shower: 15
Most consecutive days wearing the same bike shorts without washing them: 12
Number of hot showers in Africa: 13

Number of snakes and scorpions seen (alive): 11
Number of snakes seen in Cameroon and Gabon (dead): 20
Number of termites embedded in my leg: 1
Mosquito bites: 1655*
Most sandfly bites at any one time: 369*

Marriage proposals: 29*
River Crossings (by boat): 15
Most books I had in my panniers at any given time: 15
Most currencies I have carried at one time: 9 (pound, dollar, euro, rand, CFA, Guinea Franc, Leone, Ouguiya, Dalasi)
Cycle tourers met in Africa: 6
Number of puncture repair patches used: 4
Number of times I have worn a bike helmet: 2

Accidents caused: 2
Number of times I have fallen off: 1
Number of times I have been hit by passing traffic: 1
Dead people seen: 3 (bike accident in Morocco, hit and run in Sierra Leone and Nigeria)

Times I have been given incorrect change: 43*
Bribes demanded: 3
Bribes paid: 0

Holes in my Icebreaker top before throwing it away: 134
Pairs of sunglasses lost: 3
Flip-flops broken: 4
Different stoves used: 4

Mayonnaise sandwiches eaten: 92*
Bananas eaten: lost count
Most mangoes eaten in one day: 7
Most melons eaten in one day: 2

Books read: 55

Beers drunk: 491
Average kilometres cycled per beer: 34.9

(* denotes an estimate)