I have written another article for my sponsors Webtogs about some equipment I’ve found particularly useful for maintaining my bike… in particular,  a toothbrush!

You can read the article here: Togblog – Cycle Touring Maintenace Essentials

I am currently sat in a cafe in Cotonou, on the upper floor, watching the rain pour down on the streets below. My bike is loaded and parked outside, waiting for me to find the will to begin another wet day in the saddle!

So far the only days I have cycled in the rain in Africa have been in Benin. Apart from one short cycle trip through Accra that is – But that was to go to the Benin embassy to get my visa. I’m hoping Nigeria will be drier! (From a climatic perspective that is. I know it’ll be a lot drier in the north from a beer perspective!)