I’ve been on the road now for 6 months (I can hardly believe it!), so I thought it was time for a little update in numbers.

Total distance cycled: 9219 km
Days since leaving UK: 178
Countries visited: 10

Longest distance cycled in a day: 178 km (in Western Sahara)
Average daily distance: 52 km (incl. rest days)
Average daily distance: 84 km (cycling days only)

Pints/bottles of beer drunk: 202
Glasses of wine consumed: 112

Km per Beer (or glass of wine): 29 kpb

Nights in Africa: 128
Nights wild camping in Africa: 52
Nights in paid accommodation in Africa: 42

8,953* times I have been called ‘Toubab’, ‘Branco’ or ‘Oporto’
1,622* mosquito bites
400 grams of chocolate eaten since arriving in Freetown
71* mayo sandwiches eaten
43* times I have been given the wrong change
15 days – longest time without a shower (bucket wash in dirty hotel doesn’t count!)
12 days – longest time wearing same bike shorts without washing them
11 river crossings (by boat)
10* – most number of times I have had to pump up my bike tyre in a day
9 different currencies I currently have (pound, dollar, euro, rand, CFA, Guinea Franc, Leone, Ouguiya, Dalasi)
8 – number of books I am travelling with
7 snakes or scorpions seen (alive)
6 times I have crossed into or out of Guinea (legally or otherwise)
5 other cycle tourers met in Africa
4 times I have locked the bike in Africa
3 marriage proposals
2 dead people seen (bike accident in Morocco, hit and run in Sierra Leone)
2 accidents caused (local people on bikes crashing)
1 termite embedded in my leg
1 time I have fallen off the bike
0 bribes paid (2 demanded)

Bananas eaten: lost count!
Roadkill: lost count!

* approximate numbers