Next Trip

Helen is currently planning her next trip, which is to cycle the Great Divide.

Completed Travels

Helen has been heading off to far-flung corners of the globe since she was 16 when she went trekking in the Indian Himalayas. Since then she has cycled through Africa, backpacked in South America and followed the Lewis and Clarke route across the US among other trips…

By far the biggest, most adventurous trip to date was the Take On Africa bike ride from the UK to Cape Town (2009-2011). During the 20 months on the road, Helen cycled nearly 25,000 km. She had close encounters with many wild animals including snakes, scorpions and termites, an angry lion on the road, a jackal that ripped through her tent and stole food, and many elephants. She had to deal with corrupt officials and turn down numerous marriage proposals. But most notably of all, it was the kindness, hospitality and generosity of strangers met along the way that she will remember.

To read more about this journey, see Helen’s Take On Africa website.

Take On Cuba (2008)

Cuba is the perfect holiday destination. There’s something for everyone. From history, art and culture abound in the capital Havana. The gloriously sunny caribbean days can be whiled away on the island’s golden beaches. Of for the more adventurous, there’s excellent diving and hiking opportunities. Or you could spend some of your time cycling through the country. And did I mention the music and mojitos?

In just three weeks you can fit in a little of everything!

For information on travel in Cuba and to read more about cycling in the country, see Helen’s Take On Cuba.

Take On the Silk Road and Karakorum Highway (2005)

The Silk Road was a network of trade routes crossing Asia, connecting it with the Mediterranean. The northernmost route started in what is now Xi’an (famous for the Terracotta Warriors) in China and headed northwest through Dunhuang and Turpan before crossing along the northern edge of the Takla Makan desert in present-day Xinjiang province to Kashgar and beyond.

The Karakorum Highway was built between 1959 and 1986 to connect Pakistan and China. From Kashgar, the road crosses into Pakistan over the Khunjerab Pass. It then follows the Hunza valley through Gilgit and on southwards to Abbotabad.

To see photos from Helen’s three month journey in 2005 see the Silk Road and Karakorum Highway galleries.