Rather than simply take the ferry from La Paz across to the mainland, we tried our luck at hitching a ride with a sailing boat. The ferry would no doubt have been a dull drawn-out affair. Much simpler to go on down to the Marina La Paz and put a notice on the board…

‘2 round-the-world cyclists looking for a ride to the mainland. Minimal sailing experience, but willing and keen to help out any way we can.’

The following morning we returned at 8am for the morning ‘net’, a radio call round for current news and information. I tried my hand with the VHF radio and put onto the airwaves our search for a boat. No response that day, but undeterred, we returned the following day and repeated the call.

That afternoon I received an email from Kevan. He had a 42ft boat, was sailing to Mazatlan the next morning, and could take us both as well as our bikes in returning for sharing watch duties.

A brief visit to meet Kevan and the following day we were loading our bikes onto Alex II and soon motoring out of the marina.

A week later and we arrived in La Cruz, just north of Puerto Vallarta. Fully rested up and ready to resume the bike journey south… I loved the sailing and must tell you about the night watches and whales, dolphins and sunsets, turtles and tuna, missed marlin and calm seas… but another time.