Well, we made it to Boise, Idaho… which is not where I would have expected to be stopping by when we left Banff three weeks ago.

Indeed, the plan had been to follow the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route from Banff, which would have taken us in the direction of Wyoming and Colorado.

We had had a fantastic ride on gravel roads from Banff to the border and on to Eureka in Montana. But we were both a bit fed up with the spell of ‘changeable’ weather (wet / crap).

We were in a cafe, fuelling up on coffee and chocolate brownies, on Facebook to virtual friends in Boise when one of us jokingly said…’we could go to Boise in Idaho instead’. That’d be the other direction. The other said seriously, ‘well why not?’

So we ordered another coffee, spread out the map and re-planned our route.

Two weeks later and here we are in Boise. It was a good choice!

So it’s goodbye Great Divide (it’s just too late in the season now for that route), and hello to a new America…