The Great Divide mountain bike route (GDMBR) is a continuous 2745 miles (4417 km) route from Canada to Mexico which follows the continental divide through the USA.

The route, developed by the ACA (Adventure Cycling Association) consists of about 90% on unpaved roads and trails. The unpaved portions of the route range from high quality dirt or gravel roads to a few short sections of unmaintained trails which may not be possible for most people to ride at all. The GDMBR has over 200,000 feet (60960 meters) of elevation gain and loss for the rider to contend with.

Well that’s what Wikipedia tells me. Basically, that means I WILL be pushing my bike because I won’t be able to cycle up all the hills, which combine to be the equivalent of scaling Everest nearly 7 times.

Fun? Hell yeah!

I’ll be cycling the Great Divide route with Lars Bengtsson. We’ll be starting at the end of August (2011). Who knows when we’ll finish. Or where we’ll finish. Because although the GDMBR is a fixed route, there are plenty of places to visit nearby and once we reach the southern US border there’s the whole of central America to cycle on into!

Oh, and I think I forgot to mention we’ll be taking along an Alpacka Raft each… for some fun on the rivers and lakes.