I recently received a comment informing me of a book written about Cuba by a cycle tourer, The Handsomest Man in Cuba by Lynette Chiang. This has prompted me to conduct a brief search on Amazon, which has revealed a great number of books on Cuba.

Unsurprisingly, there are numerous guide books for the independent traveller to choose from and countless books on Cuba’s rich history, although time period and subject are predominated by the revolution and the people who took centre stage in this act.

There is however a significant amount of literature originating from Cuba and also by visitors to it’s shores. The books which interest me the most are those about the people. It may be true to say that the revolution helped shape the Cuba of today, but it is the Cubans of today who will shape it’s future. Only by catching a glimpse into their lives is it possible understand the decisions they will make tomorrow. I feel that Cuba is in the throes of change and it is the people, like those I met during my three weeks there, that are part of this change and are shaping what will be Cuba 20 years from now.

I am no literary expert and I don’t claim to have read widely on the subject of Cuba. However, I thought I might start to make a list of some books on or about Cuba that I hope I will get round to reading and may be of interest to others…

If you have read a book on Cuba which you feel deserves a mention, why not leave a comment with the title, author and a brief synopsis. I will endeavour to collate them together.

I will start the list with one book I can highly recommend, which I read while in Cuba having chanced upon it in the airport bookshop having just checked in my bike:

Cuban Literature

20th Century Classics

Travel Writing

To be continued….