Journal extracts, photos and travel notes from a 3 week holiday in Cuba with my bike last year.


Cycling is a fantastic way to see a country. You can go anywhere you want in your own time, without having to fit in with bus timetables.

The bike is more than just a mode of transport – you can get to places others can’t, meet local people and see the country from their perspective, rather thank speedily passing from one tourist site to the next.

… And Everything Else

I didn’t want to spend excessive hours cycling when there are some many other ways to pass the time. Of my 3 weeks in Cuba, only a few hours a day on 10 days were spent cycling. There was still not enough time to do everything else I wanted, but I did fit in a few things – horse-riding, scuba-diving and photographing to name a few. I spent many hours simply meandering through towns and an equal number of hours sipping mojitos watching life continue around me. Then when it got dark, there was the music and dance that Cuba is famous for.

Journal Extracts

The day-to-day journal entries are more or less the notes I wrote while on holiday. I never intended to publish them at the time, just to note some things I saw or did as reminder to myself. However, they may provide interesting reading to one or two people and so I’ve added them to this site.


Cuba, it has to be said, is a photographer’s paradise. There are so many iconic images which originate from Cuba – be it the face of Che or simply the vintage Chevolets and Cadillacs to name just two. I hope the photos provide some insight into the country and liven up my otherwise brief journal entries.

Trip Notes

There are of course numerous resources available to help with trip planning. But for those going to Cuba, information tends to be dispersed and its reliability not always known. Perhaps it was my lack of planning, but there were several things that I was not entirely clear about. I’ve tried to clarify some of it here and hope that any fellow travellers heading to the Cuban shore may find this information useful.