Yamaha XT225 Serow
Serow at sunset
Riding the Transfagarasan
Gotta love the mud!
Buzludzha monument
Serow - Going in for Heart Surgery
Wild camping in the Apuseni mountains
Albanian trails
Tsaravets Fortress, Veliko Tarnovo
My Serow mid-surgery

XT225 across Europe

After a year working and saving up, I quit my job again and set off acros Europe with partner Jimmy.

We started on the Isle of Man during the 2015 TT races, and I even rode my bike over the mountain, although I was overtaken a lot!

From there, it was a ride across the UK and a ferry to Holland. We travelled through Belgium, France, Germany and Switzerland,across Italy and over the Stelvio Pass.

In Slovenia, the roads became quieter, on through Hungary and into Romania where we hit some really fun tracks. We got as far as Bulgaria before time started running out and the engine seized!

It’s amazing what you can do with the Service manual, YouTube and a couple of knowledgeable friends at the end of an email. We had to disassemble the engine, but we found and fixed the problem, just in time to make a quick tour throug the Balkans and blast back home.


Some of my favourite photos…


Maps and GPS tracks

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