Loaded bike
Shane's pic of me sat in my tent with dug footwell
Cooking gear
Loved the bivvy!
Very cold biking - just add ski goggles...
Cumulus Excuistic 1200 sleeping bag
Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pro

Winter Biking Northern Scandinavia

I’d had this idea to cycle through Siberia… in winter. The problem with this idea was that I had no experience of winter biking. In fact, no experience of such cold conditions. Knowing the dangers of being ill-equipped, I decided it would be prudent to make a short winter-biking trip closer to home.

And so, in January 2013, I headed to northern Scandinavia with Shane Little for a three-week bike trip through Norway, Finland and Sweden.

We started in Kiruna and ended up in Tromso.

It was fantastic! And it totally convinced that I definitely wanted to ride through Siberia. What we learned was invaluable… in terms of the clothing to wear, the sleeping system to use and how to keep yourself warm when outside 24-hours a day in the freezing cold.