Tweedsmuir Park, West Chilcotin
White Bird Canyon
Vermillon Lakes, Banff
Main highway through Baja

Take On The Great Americas

Having worked for the summer after returning from my Take On Africa cycle trip, I headed off to North America with Lars Bengtsson.

We started with a loop of British Columbia in Canada, taking in the stunning Chilcotin highway and Icefield’s Parkway. Then we headed south into the USA. We rode through Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Utah and southern California, always trying to stay ahead of the winter weather.

We rode the length of the Baja peninsula, hitched a ride on a boat across the Sea of Cortez and then followed the Mexico coast.

Central America offered Mayan ruins and massive hills in abundance. And once we reached Nicaragua, we went packrafting before Lars continued south and I headed north through Belize and back to Mexico, eventually flying home from Cancun