Top of the hill and the tarmac!
Appearances can be deceptive - To the not so lovely lake

Take On Asia

In May 2013 I flew to Moscow. From there I made the long journey by the trans-Siberian train to Irkutsk near Lake Baikal in western Siberia.

I then cycled along Lake Baikal and headed south towards Mongolia, where I was lucky to arrive for the beginning of the Nadaam Festival. I rode west, wild camping on the open steppe, beside lakes and under starry skies, and then cycled along the Chuysky Trakt in the Russian Altai, taking a detour to Lake Teletskoe too.

After a break to go horse-riding in Kyrgyzstan, I picked up the bike again in Osh to cycle the Pamir Highway, even though by this stage it was late October and snow was imminent. From there, I continued into Uzbekistan, visiting the historic cities of Samarkhand, Khiva and Bukhara along the Silk Road before continuing to the Aral Sea.

With one final train ride through Kazakhstan, I ended my journey at Aktau on the Caspian Sea, ready to return home for Christmas to prepare for winter biking in Siberia.