Packrafting on Rio Coco
Inflated and ready to go

Rio Bocay & Rio Coco

Flowing from the Nicaraguan highlands and down through the remote area of the Mayangna and Miskito people, the Rio Coco is central America’s longest river. It is navigable too. And that is quite important when it comes to packrafting.

We (me and Lars) didn’t have time for a source to sea journey. Instead, we started on the Rio Bocay, which goes through the BOSAWAS reserve before flowing into the Rio Coco.

There was little information to be found about this region. But we figured we could portage where the rapids were too rough. And as long as we had enough food, we’d be fine. But how long would it take? We wouldn’t know without going. So we took 10 days of food and trusted to luck.

One man we contacted who knew the rivers allayed our concerns about crocodiles. They wouldn’t be a problem, he said (that’s not comforting when you’re in a packraft and see them slipping off the banks into the water!). But be careful of the drugs smugglers though, he warned…


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Packrafting the Rio Bocay

Packrafting the Rio Coco