Entrance to Somoto Canyon
To the Canyon...
Lunch Spot
Time to Paddle
Narrow Passage
Steep sides and not a lot of light

Packrafting Nicaragua

We had plans while in Nicaragua to make a big packrafting trip in the Moskitia region. But first off, we went for a hiking – packrafting day out to the Somoto Canyon.

First we had to lug our backpacks on a bus and taxi to the start of the trail. Then it was a short hike to the river and the start of our packrafting.

This was very much a trial run, since we didn’t have a lot of experience with the rafts. But once we were on the river, it all went smoothly.

Where the river narrowed and entered a high-sided gorge, we had to lift our packrafts over the boulder and drop them into the water on the other side… and jump in after them.

The water was clear and the rocks almost black making it quite surreal. Sadly, soon after we excited the canyon, the river widened as was too shallow to continue. So we packed up and hiked out.

A fun day out!


Some of my favourite photos…


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