Ever since I bought and rode Sarala in Kyrgyzstan, I have wanted to do another trip on horseback. For getting off the roads, there’s no better way to travel. Even before that, at the end of my first cycle trip through Africa, I had been looking at buying a horse and ride through Lesotho and the Drakensberg…

And now, several years later, here I was, about to enter Lesotho – that mountain kingdom, famous for it’s sturdy little Basotho ponies.

As we only had a couple of weeks to spare, we decided that rather than buy horses, we’d go on a organised ride. Jimmy’s equitation experience was limited to three hour-long lessons back at home and a short beach ride. An guided ride seemed like a good compromise considering our tie available.

We opted for a 6-day trek from Malealea Lodge, riding east towards Semonkong for three days and then returning by a different route.


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