Amatole Trail - South Africa

Someone, sometime, suggested that the forests around Hogsback in South Africa have a Tolkienesque quality and was his inspiration for the forest of Mirkwood in Lord of the Rings. Who knows if that’s really true; although Tolkien did apparently visit the area as a child. But it is true that the Amatole forest is thick with undergrowth and the air heavy, hemmed in by giant trees that block out sun and make you feel hobbit-sized as you stumble along the barely visible trail, tripping over tree roots and slipping on rocks.

It took 6-day to hike the 100-kilometre route, staying overnight in huts along the route. It was great to take a break from the motorbike and get some exercise (sitting on the bike for days on end is no way to keep fit) while seeing more of the surrounding countryside.


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