I’m now back in the UK. Again. It’s wonderful with the warm sun and green fields, leafy trees and chirping birds. What a contrast to Magadan in the Russian Far East.

Magadan-London Flight
Ice and green fields - Magadan and London from the air

And the girl in me is rather enjoying having a choice of clothes to put on in the morning, conditioner as well as shampoo and even a hairdrier! Then there’s the food… I ate more salad today than 3 months in Russia.

Anyway, I now have the slightly unenviable task of sorting through my thousands of photos, now that I’ve managed to recover the deleted ones.

Streets of St Petersburg

For starters, I’m jumping to the end – St Petersburg. My last week in Russia was a cultural feast of art and museums, palaces and grandiose cathedrals. It is a beautiful place. But there is also a grittier urban side on the streets if you look beyond the tourist attractions…

Hopefully over the next couple of weeks I have time to post up so more photos. And once I’m settled back in, I’ll send an update on my next plans… I’m still working on them.