From Sesriem I took a short trip to Sossuvlei to see the dunes there. Pretty stunning but dunes nonetheless. And I’ve seen a lot of dunes now! But with all the rain there was a lake where the river ended and well, that was rather nice.

After that, it was a real slog south to Aus where I planned to take a rest. But Aus was a disappointment and so I continued to the coast for Luderitz, which is lovely. And on the way I saw the wild horses of Garub and also stopped by the ghost town of Kolmanskop.

I was definitely ready for a break from the gravel roads, incessant wind and irritating hordes of flies that would get in my eyes and ears and occasionally swallowed or snorted if I closed my mouth and breathed through my nose.

But at least the scenery was lovely. Here are some pics: