When slavery in Africa was still big business, Ghana didn’t exist. The region we now know as Ghana was called the Gold Coast then. Gold was big business until slaves made more money.

I visited a few of the old forts and castles, which are still standing. Thankfully, slavery was abolished in the 1800’s and since then these forts have been used for all different purposes. Now mostly, they are protected as UNESCO World Heritage Sites and are accessible to viewing – to learn about the history of the slave trade. So it never happens again.

Reconciliation is a word I have heard many times in association with post-apartheid South Africa and post-genocide Rwanda. It’s also a word I heard several times while visiting the forts, post-slavery Ghana.

Here are some photos of Cape Coast Castle, Fort William and Fort Victoria in Cape Coast as well as Fort St. George and Fort St. Jago in nearby Elmina: