The Welbodi Partnership

‘Welbodi’, meaning ‘health’ in Krio

In Sierra Leone, more than one in four children die before their fifth birthday, mainly from preventable illness or disease such as malaria, diarrhoea, pneumonia or malnutrition.

The Welbodi Partnership is working at the Ola During Children’s Hospital along with the Ministry of Health and Sanitation with the aim of developing a centre of excellence in paediatric care and training.

My route from the UK to Cape Town has brought me to Sierra Leone and I am delighted to have been able to visit the hospital and meet the volunteers at the Welbodi Partnership and the Sierra Leonean doctors and nurses working to care for and treat those children who pass through the doors.

My hope is that you will agree that the long term objectives of the Welbodi Partnership are worth pursuing and will ultimately result in a national healthcare plan that is run successfully by the Sierra Leone government and local healthcare professionals for the benefit of the country’s children.
If you do, you can show your support, by donating through my justgiving page.

Why the Welbodi Partnership?

Way back when I was planning this Take On Africa cycle, I spent countless hours debating and researching whether to cycle in aid of a charity and if so, which charity. Initially, of course I wanted raise money for charity, but the more I researched the more disillusioned I became with the whole aid and development sector (or should I say industry?). Eventually, I realised that although there are many short-coming and problems with some charities, there are others who are doing truly great work – I just had to find one.

Meanwhile, a highly dedicated and motivated friend of mine from university was in the process of setting up a new charity – Dr Matthew Clark, who while training as a medical student spent three months working at the Children’s Hospital in Freetown and although working at the under-resourced hospital was challenging, he was convinced he could help improve the situation in the long term. Together with Tom Cairnes, they set up the Welbodi Partnership.

The Welbodi Partnership may be young, but it’s a charity whose aims are long term and focussed on local ownership.