Having finally arrived in Kananga and taken a few days to rest (well, have a few beers) I cycled towards Mbuji Mayi. It should have taken 2 days, but when I stopped at Lac Mukamba there was a change of plan.

With the Catholic Mission unwilling for me to camp there, I was about to leave when I hit some good luck. So for the last three weeks it’s been good times with good company.

I thought Lac Mukamba was beautiful, but Lac Fwa with it’s clear waters is something else. From there we took the rough roads to Lusambo by 4×4. Lusambo is the old administrative town of the region and is now just a large village full of crumbling colonial buildings surrounded by maize. Taking the Sankuru river downstream for some more relaxing days before returning to the Lake and eventually on to Mbuji Mayi.

In town I’ve been staying with the lovely Maman Marie-Louise, who for the last thirty years has devoted her life to looking after children abandoned to the streets.

Check the photos and I’ll write all about it when I can. Unfortunately my laptop after many knocks and bumps has given up… it’s not congo-proof it seems!

Latest DR Congo Photos – a change of plan