90km after Kikwit and the tarmac ended. Abruptly. From smooth asphalt to shocking deep sand. And just at that point it chucked it down with rain. Sheltering in a local hut until it subsided I then spent a good while pushing my bike alongside the truck tracks that are the road in the slightly less deep sand. Hard work – yes. Slow – definitely!

Well, until I get time to write about the journey, here are some photos. Mostly they are of crap roads and lots of locals trying to squeeze into the picture frame. That’s more or less how my time has been spent getting from Kikwit to Tchikapa.

I’m now actually in Kananga, a further 253km east if you take the main road. But I took the wrong road and did an extra 50km on extra bad roads. C’est la vie. All is good though and I’m pushing on. Mbuji Mayi next, only a couple of days away. The route after that is still undecided and you may have to wait a while to find out which way I’ve gone and how it went!! Til then, bye!