From Mbuji-Mayi I cycled a couple of days to Kaniema on the border between Kasai and Katanga provinces. It turns out that the 260km of dirt ‘road’ takes just as long by ‘public’ transport!

After relaxing in Kaniema for over a week, I took the train to Lubumbashi. The first half was fast – a South African run affair. The second half was slow – Congo style – it wasn’t bad when we were moving, but most of the time was spent stationary (either at a station or in the bush).

10 days in Lubumbashi was enough to sample most of the best restaurants, bars and clubs and catch a bout of malaria and food poisoning.

But now I’m rested and have hit the road again to the border. So greetings from Zambia.

I’m already missing the Congo… for many reasons! Enjoy the photos.