Having now completed my cycle through North and Central America, I figured it’s time for an update on how the tent fared over the 8 months.

Looking back at the review I made, I would say that everything I said is still valid with one exception – that the plastic clips have proved to be plenty strong and robust enough. Not a single breakage or even signs of wear.

Unfortunately it seems that ants liked my tent too and have successfully eaten little holes throughout the groundsheet. This means that unless I repair them (there are hundreds), the floor is not watertight any longer.

I am not one to take care with my gear, and tend to go with the philosophy that it’s there to be used (and abused). But despite this, the tent is still in relatively good and very useable condition even after a solid eight months of use. And you can’t ask for more than that.

If you haven’t seen my original review, it’s here:


Tent comes with poles, stuff bag, stakes and repair kit.

27 sq ft interior space
10 sq ft vestibule space

Shell – mesh 20D PU nylon
Fly – 20DPU nylon
Floor – 30D PU nylon (5000mm)
Poles – anodised DAC Featherlite NSL

Weight – 1400g / 49oz


The Nemo Obi 2P is an ultralight tent weighing in at just 1.4kg. In all honesty I would call this a 1+ tent. It would be a very snug fit for two people and I think that both would be squashed up against the inner. Not that this would be a big problem. Both sides have a large vestibule and so you wouldn’t risk getting damp round the edges.

For me though, it is great. An ideal size for a single cycle tourer who spends the majority of nights camping and so appreciates the extra space. It would also be great for shorter trips for 2 people where space is less important than weight.
It has an entrance on both sides, each with its own vestibule where extra gear can easily be stored.

The most amazing thing is how light it is and how small it packs down. I don’t know of any other free-standing tent that compares.

The bright green may not seem the ideal colour for wild camping, but I’ve used it wild camping for 2 months now and not had any problems.

It stands up well to rain. I’ve not tested it in truly windy conditions, but it’s low profile with wide base should enable it to cope adequately.

The tent is very easy and quick to put up (less than four minutes). The single pole system clicks together well. It can be erected inner only on hot dry nights, or with the outer on. The doors can also be folded back which is another option.

Here’s a short video of me putting up the tent (speeded to double time so not too boring).

The tent comes with 6 light but sturdy pegs. I’ve only ever needed to use 3. One for each vestibule and one for a guy at the head end.

My one concern would be the innovative plastic clips for attaching the outer corners to the inner base. They seem a bit flimsy. That said, they are still working fine with no signs of wear yet.

So all in all, an excellent 2 person tent for short trips and where lightweight is a priority, or as a one person tent for extended journeys where extra space is desirable.

The Nemo Obi range also includes a 1P tent, which weighs only 1.0kg. And for real lightweight enthusiasts, the Elite version is even lighter.