My first impression, before I’d even got the new Icebreaker top out of the cellophane packaging was, ‘Wow! That’s bright!’. I have the cranberry colour top. Pink isn’t usually my colour. But I’m open to trying new things and my usual preference for black is really a bit boring.

Icebreaker clothing is not new to me, so the soft feel of the merino wool was no surprise. Well, I think it’s soft. My sister, who also tried the top thought it was a bit itchy on her delicate skin! (She suffers with eczema and thought I should point this out).

For those who don’t know of Icebreaker clothing, it is made from merino wool. This natural material is very breathable and can be worn either next to the skin or as a mid-layer. But the best thing about it is, that unlike synthetic materials, this one doesn’t smell after a day’s wear. Actually, based on experience, it won’t even smell after five consecutive active days. And because of that, it’s perfect for minimizing on weight. Yes it weighs more than it’s synthetic counterpart (apparently), but you only need one as you can wear it for days on end. And when it comes to washing, it dries quickly too.

The tech top has a short zip and collar. It’s a great combo which can be worn three ways – open, zipped up or with the collar rolled down (like a rollneck) – apparently. Although I felt the zip a bit restrictive when fully zipped up, it was ok when rolled down. But regardless of whether you have a long slender neckline like a ballerina or a short fat stump more like mine, there’ll be at least one way to wear the top that feels good.

Another feature that I really like are the thumb loops. The sleeves are plenty long enough and with the loops, they will never roll up unintended and it helps to keep you hands warm on those cold evenings. If you get a little warm, there’s just enough give to roll the sleeves up over your elbows too.

The side panelling helps to give a good shape and hugging fit and the slightly longer back helps to keep you fully covered no matter how much moving about your doing.

The tech top would be great as a warm layer on cool evenings or as a base layer for more active pursuits in the winter. This is a really versatile top for the colder british days and cool summer evenings (and it’s lovely to sleep in too!).