Well, what is there to say about a pair of black leggings? Pretty standard stuff. Black. Leggings.

Nuff said? But these are not just any black leggings… these are Icebreaker leggings . So, ‘what does that mean?’ you may well be asking.

That means NO Stink – just one of the sales points for Icebreaker clothing, which is made from merino wool. Not only are they soft, comfortable and breathable, they just never seem to smell no matter how many days and nights you wear them for. Amazing. Now, I have to admit, I am basing this ‘no stink’ claim, based on other Icebreaker clothing I’ve worn extensively (tech top, underwear and t-shirt) until worn out. But there’s no reason why these leggings would be any different.

Truth is, I’m not had much need to wear these yet, it being the English summer and these are from the BodyFit260 range which makes them really warm. I have no doubt these will be perfect for cold nights sleeping in a tent and really cold days on the bike when used as a base layer.

The leggings really are comfortable. There is plenty of stretch in them that even cyclists with huge thighs (yes, that includes me) won’t complain about them being tight. The elastic waistband also has plenty of give in it.

Length-wise, the large size are long on me. I’m only 5’4″ though. If I had known there was so much stretch in the material, I would have gone for a medium. But the extra length really doesn’t matter when using these either as thermal sleeping gear or as a base layer underneath other trousers. And it’s definitely better to have them on the long size.

I can’t really think of anything negative to say. Using them for the next 6-month tour should give me a better idea of their durability. Although I suspect that if using them as a base layer for cycling in, the material may wear through in certain places (the bum!) before long. For general wear and even hiking / climbing I reckon they’ll last just fine.