My Thorn bike made it the 25,000km to Cape Town. Just.

It needed a makeover well before that, but it always seemed, ‘just a little further’. So I kept delaying the inevitable repairs. And so I finished the trip on a bike that looked like it had just been pedalled across a continent. Which it had.

But by the time I arrived at Heathrow (having flown back) and made a lame attempt to reassemble the bike which had been unceremoniously disassembled and boxed up, it didn’t go too well. I pedalled out of the airport with gear cables tied to the frame because no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t reattach them. The brakes had a long time ago seized up and barely worked. And now I had a headset spacer in my bag – The stem appeared to have miraculously shrunk during the flight. The back wheel was wobbling more than ever

But I made it home.

Rather than retiring the bike though, I decided with some care and attention and a few replacement parts, it’d be good to go on another adventure.

So having had the Rohloff hubb and rear sprocket replaced at SJS Cycles, I set about giving the bike it’s well-deserved makeover.

I cleaned, de-greased and removed all signs of rust from the frame and racks. I then replaced the front chainring, chain, pedals, headset bearings, bar-ends, brakes and brake cables, Rohloff twistshifter and gear cables. And it looked good as new.

And the most amazing thing about it was… the bike actually worked.

Instead it was me that was knackered and covered in dirt and grease!

Since that weekend, I’ve had chance to recover and have been riding the bike to work. And now we’re all set for the next trip, which is just a few weeks away!