Maneno – Swahili meaning ‘words’.

Maneno is a new multi-lingual, lightweight blogging platform for sub-Saharan African bloggers.

The platform is based on a lightweight framework which allows those with limited or narrow-bandwidth internet to access and contribute to the site easily and quickly. Maneno is committed to all African bloggers and therefore is available in English, Spanish, French, Swahili, Portuguese and Bamanakan, with the intention of adding translations in a number of other African languages.

Of all internet users globally, only 1% are Africans. Of these African users, even fewer are bloggers. By overcoming the limitations of other blogging systems, Maneno can help to increase the number of African bloggers. This in turn can help to dispel the myths and misconceptions surrounding the people and places in Africa which arise from the portrayal of the continent in the headline-grabbing news and heart-wrenching charity appeals.

Instead, Maneno is a place where Africans can tell their own story, in their own words.