BIG Adventures


Africa: Take 2

2016 – 2017 (15 months)

40,000km by motorcycle (Yamaha XT225 Serow) from Cape Town to Cairo via East Africa . (read more…)
Serow at sunset

XT225 Across Europe

2015 (5 months)

15,000km by motorcycle, beginning on the Isle of Man during the TT races and riding through Europe as far a Bulgaria. (read more…)
Winter Biking Kolyma Highway

Winter-biking Siberia

2014 (3 months)

Cycling 3,000km at Lake Baikal and along the Kolyma highway and Road of Bones from Neryungri, via Yakutsk, to Magadan (read more…)

Across Asia

2013 (6 months)

Trans-Siberian from Moscow to Irkutsk (Lake Baikal). Cycling through Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Pamir Highway, Silk Road cities of Uzbekistan, to Moynaq on Aral Sea. Finally train to Aktau on Caspian Sea (read more…)

The Great Americas

2011 -2012 (8 months)

11,000km cycling from Vancouver, through British Columbia, south through USA and central America as far a Nicaragua (read more…)

Take On Africa

2009 – 2011 (20 months)

25,000km cycling from the UK to Cape Town through West and Central Africa. (read more…)

Small Adventures


Horse-Riding Lesotho

2016 (1 week)

A short horse ride in Lesotho from Malealea to Semonkong and back on native Basutho ponies (read more…)

Hiking South Africa

2016 (multiple, up to 1 week each)

Hiking in the Cedarberg, along the Amatole trail, and in the Drakensberg (inc. Sani Pass to Bushman’s Nek) (read more…)

Horse-Riding Kyrgyzstan

2013 (4 weeks)

One month on horse called Sarala, bought in Kyrgyzstan. From Lake Issy Kul to Song Kul Lake via Naryn, finishing in Kochkor (read more…)
Loaded bike

Winter-Biking Northern Scandinavia

2013 (3 weeks)

800km loop cycling from Kiruna to Tromso (read more…)

Packrafting Nicaragua

2012 (2 weeks)

Packrafting 250km along the Rio Bocay and Rio Coco in Nicaragua’s remote Moskitia region (read more…)
Joliba II our pirogue, on the Niger River

Niger River by Pirogue

2010 (2 weeks)

350km downstream by locally-made wooden pirogue from Faranah in Guinea (only 100km from the river’s source) to Kouroussa (read more…)
Remedios Taxi

Take On Cuba

2008 (3 weeks)

800km cycle-touring holiday with plenty of photography, sight-seeing, scuba-diving, and mojito-drinking (read more…)

Other Independent Travel

Invited to a wedding in Khotan, these guys are waiting for the ceremony

China & Pakistan

2005 (3 months)

Backpacking/hiking along Silk Road & Karakorum Highway (read more…)
Other Independent Travel
  • Chile & Argentina (3 months, 2004) – Backpacking/hiking in Patagonia
  • Ireland (3 weeks, 2002) – Cycling
Group Expeditions
  • Bolivia (3 weeks, 2003) – Assistant leader – Trekking
  • USA (1 month, 2001) – Assistant leader –¬†following Lewis & Clark expedition
  • South America (3 months, 2000) – Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Bolivia
  • Morocco (3 weeks, 1998) – Trekking
  • Indian Himalayas (1 month, 1997) – Trekking