Welbodi Partnership

The Welbodi Partnership‘s mission is to tackle child mortality in Sierra Leone, where one in five children dies before their fifth birthday, often from the most basic and treatable of conditions.

They are working with the government’s only paediatric referral hospital, the Ola During Children’s Hospital in Freetown, and aim to transform it into a centre of excellence and training for paediatric care which can serve as a template for quality care provision, and a training resource for doctors and nurses in Sierra Leone who currently have no opportunity to specialise in paediatrics.

How I know Welbodi

I chose the Welbodi Partnership when looking at charities as part of the planning of my Take On Africa bike ride to Cape Town. At that time, a friend, Matthew Clark, had just returned from his medical elective in Freetown, Sierra Leone, and decided to set up the charity. Knowing Matt, I knew this charity would be a success and it’s aims would focus on long term solutions.

Show your support

I have now completed the Take On Africa ride, but I am continuing to support Welbodi in their dedicated work. If you would like to show your support for my journeys, you can donate to Welbodi too.

Your donation will fund improvements to facilities and the organisation of care, salary supplements for medical staff so that they can afford to work at the hospital without relying on other income streams to support themselves, and training programs for the next generation of paediatric specialists who will be qualified to train future cadres of medical students from all over Sierra Leone at the ODCH.

Donations can be made via Welbodi’s Justgiving page (Non-US). If you are from the US you can use the other link for tax deductible donations.



Alternatively, you can send a cheque payable to ‘Welbodi Partnership’ to the following address: Welbodi Partnership, 7 Limetree Close, Cambridge
CB1 8PF United Kingdom.

And why not drop me a message to let me know you’ve donated – would love to thank you personally!

Last of all

You can follow the progress Welbodi is making at the hospital by checking out their blog, facebook page or following them on twitter: