A Siberian Winter's Tale cover

Cycling to the Edge of Insanity and the End of the World

A Journey of Discovery driven by the Call of the Wild.

In the depth of winter, Helen Lloyd spent three months cycling solo across one of the most remote, coldest inhabited regions of the planet – Siberia.

In temperatures down to -50°C, she battled against the cold, overcoming her fear of wolves and falling through the ice of a frozen lake. Alone in a hibernating land with little to stimulate the senses, the biggest challenges were with her mind as she struggled with the solitude.

With flashes of humour and riveting, graphic descriptions that will have you living each moment with her, Helen Lloyd describes the fear, uncertainty and joy of riding through a frozen, icy world.

Yet, A Siberian Winter’s Tale is a touching story full of warm-hearted moments that are gifted to Helen by strangers along the Road of Bones.


  • A remarkable tale of passion, endurance and icy nerveTed Simon

  • An unquestionably gutsy journey … told with the courage, integrity and raw energy that you’d expect of a person prepared to tackle the vast frozen wastes on a bicycleBenedict Allen

  • Cycling through Siberia in winter is a frightening, dangerous and painful undertaking. It is also a magical and enchanting experience that encapsulates the best of extreme adventure travel. Helen has proved herself to be a voracious traveller, a tough adventurer, and a fine writerAlastair Humphreys

  • True grit. An inspirational woman whose open-minded curiosity takes her beneath the snow and ice to the warmth of the Siberian peopleSam Manicom, Travel Writer


“For hours now – days even, weeks perhaps, for time is frozen here like the rivers – my world has been evaporating into nothing. Now, there is no sound except the beating of my heart, heavy breathing and the crackle of my bike tyres over the packed snow …”

“This is how I imagine the end of the world will be […] all white – pure and untouched – seeing everything; seeing nothing. We’ll each stand alone, in peace, surrounded by a blank canvas that can be transformed into any image our mind desires. But when you hear or see something emerge from this white nothingness, how will you know if it’s real or in your head?”


Reader Reviews

Another fantastic book by Helen! I’m in total awe of this woman. Who would do such an amazing, thrilling, dangerous, extraordinary journey through Siberia at – 40 and survive it!…but Helen Lloyd. I’m really hoping that she’s working on her next book. Because I can’t wait to read it! Thank you

Engrossing account of a bike journey through snow bound Siberia, it is as though one is on the road with the writer, although enduring such extreme cold is impossible to imagine. The journey comes to life as it unfolds through the descriptions of solitude in a remote and vast landscape, camping in extreme cold, and the kindness of people offering hospitality along the way.

Helen gives real depth to her depiction,of what she experienced cycling through Siberia in winter. It’s hard to understand why some folk undertake the most hazardous of journeys but Helen gives you the knowledge to realise why.
If your a cyclist and like travel books you will love this, I did.

A Siberian Winter’s Tale is pleasant cocktail of stories and personal insights that hardship and challenging environments often tend to bring out in people

I couldn’t put this book down. I’ve read an awful lot of cycle touring books (you name it, I’ve read it!) and this is one of the very best.