I finally arrived in Cape Town on the 15th March having cycled 24,600 km over 20 months. A week of sight-seeing and relative relaxation later and I boarded a plane back to England.

It was a surreal flight back – like waking up from a dream. And now I’m back on British ground, it feels almost as if I never went away.

Back at work this week. Now that is going to be a shock! But I’m already making plans for another cycle trip – to ride the Great Divide…

Take On The Great Divide

I will be making this journey in the company of Lars Bengtsson (The Lost Cyclist). For those who don’t know, we met in Morocco and cycled together through West Africa for the next five months. But this time it’s going to be even better with not a mayo sandwich in sight! If the plans go ahead and we manage to get visas, we shall be leaving in at the end of this summer.

A Great British Summer

While I’m working this summer, I can still make use of the weekends to explore the UK. I’ll be posting about these mini-adventures – to show you don’t have to quit your job or leave the country to have some fun in the great outdoors.