Where to start when the last blog post was written sixteen months ago?

I asked that same question twelve months ago and didn’t find an answer. So I didn’t write anything. And then the longer I left it, the harder it got.

One thing I was strongly aware of in the winter in Siberia was that silence can be deafening. The absence of sound is such an unusual thing, I could not fail to notice it. The only source of sound was myself.

Deafening Silence in Siberia
Deafening Silence in Siberia

But then I came back from Siberia. Only, now, I was silent. At first my silence was a whisper; gentle ripples of uneasiness. But that uneasiness spiralled into something much bigger and darker. My silence grew louder and louder, shouting to be heard. But it was swallowed by the background noise of the world around me.

Over time, I have found my voice again. It has been a difficult journey. The struggle within myself has been far harder than any of the challenges I faced during my travels. I have been lower than I ever imagined possible. Whilst I may not be ready to write about those struggles, I am ready to write again. Hopefully someone is listening.

So this is where I begin afresh, and write about my new adventures. I have not forgotten about the challenges of the last year, and when the time is right, I shall write about those too. But for now, I want to look to the future, not dwell on the past…