As a trial/warm-up to the Africa bike ride and as my annual holiday (in the days when I still worked full time all year round) in 2008, I went to Cuba. It’s the perfect holiday destination if you like cycling and photography. With three weeks to spare, I combined my time with a few days’ cycling followed by sight-seeing and other activities (diving/horse-riding/hiking/swimming/drinking/dancing… well you get the idea) and then some more cycling.

Cuba really is a photographer’s paradise with it’s towns of crumbling colonial buildings and classic cars. But there is so much more to see, and that’s when you go rural. Head through the countryside and see how most Cubans live.

I’m neither condoning nor condemning the socialist state or trying to romanticise the simplistic life I sometimes saw. But I have hundreds of photos lingering on my laptop and thought they deserved more than just to gather digital dust. So here’s a few photos of my bike ride round rural Cuba:

More info on my Cuba trip here, including a few journal extracts and planning tips if you are thinking of visiting the country.