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Kolyma Highway Photos – Winter Biking – 2000km Yakutsk to Magadan

Apr 01, 2014 7 Comments by

Well, there are many stories to tell from the last couple of months. The 2000km from Yakutsk to Magadan was a fantastic ride, made all the more memorable by the incredibly kind, generous, hospitable people I met along the way. My journal is full!

Winter Biking Kolyma Highway

Winter Biking Kolyma Highway

But this blog post is not for telling those stories with words. I shall simply show you some of my photos from the road, which, perhaps unsurprisingly, are mostly of snow, trees, the road, the bike and me, and various combinations of those. You’ll have to use your imagination as to what it was like.

After Yakutsk, the weather was definitely warmer during the day. That made all the difference. And the the nights were only down to -35C near Yakutsk and that gradually rose to around -30C later. Now, yes, that does still sound cold – but there is a massive difference between -35C and -45C. -35C is quite bearable and -30C is actually rather enjoyable for camping. I could sit out and watch the stars and not have cold hands or toes. That said, I didn’t camp anywhere near as much as I expected. So many people took me into their homes, fed me and gave me a bed – luxury.

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7 Responses to “Kolyma Highway Photos – Winter Biking – 2000km Yakutsk to Magadan”

  1. KapasevYuri says:

    Chukotka wait You!
    Yuri, Pevek (nordest town of Russia)

  2. shane says:

    Awesome set of photo’s, well done for taking the time and cold fingers to take them :)

  3. Seoul Joe says:

    I am in awe,,,,

  4. Alan Young says:

    I’m glad your safe and well Helen.

  5. семен says:

    Зима кончилась и это хорошо))

  6. Carol says:

    So glad you made it and but even more that you enjoyed it :-)

  7. flowerywallpaper.com says:

    Gratulation für deine Leistung. Und das im Winter! Ich kann dich von hier aus nur bewundern. Grüße, Ernestus

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