Here’s a list of what I am going to take with me. Details where known are provided and I will update the list as I buy things. (Items marked with an ‘x’, I already have.)

Bike Stuff

  • x Bike – Thorn Raven Tour. Ordered and ready to collect
  • x Racks – Thorn Expedition Steel Rear Rack and Low Loader
  •    Panniers – Ortlieb Bike Packer and Front Roller
  • x Water Bottles + Holders (3)
  •    Tools – pump, multi-tool, tyre levers and puncture repair kit… probably lots more, but I need some lessons on fixing a bike before I know what I am likely to need
  •    Spares – inner tubes, folding tyre… again, need some help on this one, but will have to research a bit more
  •    Bike Lock – cable
  •    Lights – as small as possible, for emergency use as not planning on cycling in the dark
  •    Bike Computer – to log distances primarily
  • x Helmet

Outdoor Stuff

  • x Tent – currently own a Terra Nova Solar 2, and meets most of my requirements except it is far heavier than I would like and so would ideally replace this. The inner will double up as a mosquito net
  • x Sleeping Bag – again, I have a 3-season sleeping bag, but is bulky so may invest in a down-filled one. still debating what rating I will need
  • x Silk Liner
  • x Thermarest
  •    Stove 
  •    Fuel bottle
  •    Pans + Utensils – lightweight titanium
  •    Headtorch – Petzl
  •    Leatherman
  •    Dry bags, stuff sacks
  •    Compass
  •    Water bladders – in addition to bottles for extra capacity when necessary
  •    Other Miscellaneous – cable ties, duct tape, etc

Photographic Stuff

  • x DSLR Camera – Canon 400D, although considering upgrading
  • x Lenses – probably one wide angle and one telephoto zoom. Still debating exactly what to take.
  • x Tripod – Velbon Luxi F
  • x Filters – polarising, UV
  •    Remote Shutter
  •    Digital Compact – it’s time to replace my Canon Ixus 40 I think…
  • x Batteries, memory cards, USB sticks, charger, cleaning kit

Electronic Stuff

  •    Laptop – a netbook would be ideal if I can find a way to edit photos on them. More research needed on this
  • x Portable external hardrive – JOBO GigaOne which is only 40GB so again may get something bigger
  • x iPod – my 6GB mini is still playing tunes
  •    Digital camcorder – something like the Flip Video just for fun


  • x Cycling shorts, padded
  • x Cycling shorts, baggy
  •    Tops for cycling in
  • x Cycling gloves
  • x Casual clothing – trousers, vest tops, long sleeved top, sarong
  • x Buff headscarf, bikini, socks and underwear
  •    Fleece
  •    Waterproofs – lightweight jacket and trousers
  •    Footwear – Salomon Cross-trainers and flip-flops (the ones I own are falling apart)

Personal Stuff

  • x Money, cards, passport, vaccination certificate + photocopies 
  • x Money belt
  • x Sunglasses
  • x Toiletries, sunscreen, wet wipes, sewing kit
  • x Towel – pack towel (Lifeventure)
  • x Maps – Michelin
  • x Books – guides, general reading
  • x Notebook and pens
  • x Alarm clock
  •    Rucksack for day trips / for carrying camera and laptop

Medical Stuff

  •    Personal First Aid Kit – e.g. plasters, bandages, antiseptic wipes, lozenges
  •    Medication – e.g. antibiotics, anti-malarials, antihistamine
  •    Sterile needles
  •    Mosquito repellant

 I’ve probably missed some things off, but will certainly update it once I leave.

At the moment it’s the laptop, camera/lenses and tent which I’m finding difficult to decide what would be best.