Mali is famous for it’s music but I haven’t heard much and haven’t tried to find it.  I’ve been singing my own song and I’d have to say it’not very soulful.

Having had a bout of literary diarrhoea after two weeks of paddling a pirogue down rapids and through shallow waters, I am now suffering, in the other extreme, from the travel blues. After months of fun and challenging cycling along the lesser known back roads of Guinea Bissau, Guinea and Freetown and an adventurous time on the Niger River, the most recent cycling into Mali has failed to inspire me – I’ve barely taken my camera out of the bag in a couple of weeks which is most unusual.

Mud mosque in Malian village
Mud mosque in Malian village

I shall soon be taking another break from the bike and travelling through Mali in the more traditional back-packing style as I have a friend from home coming to join me. There’s plenty to see and do further North in Mali, so I’m hoping I shall find some inspiration along the the way…. the Djenne mosque, Timbuktu, the Dogon country.

But first it’s back on the bike for a few days to get to Djenne and then Mopti.

So apologies in advance if I don’t post another update for a while. It means I’m busy exploring Mali and when I find what I’m looking for I’ll be sure to share it with you.  I hope it will be worth the wait.