A month’s break from the bike seems to have been the perfect medicine for re-igniting my interest in my travels in West Africa and Mali specifically.

It’s been a fascinating month and I’ve seen so much. I hope to get chance to write an update about the last few weeks (it’s been a while), but in the meantime you’ll have to do with the photos I’ve uploaded of the Dogon region.

I left Sevare this morning and have just arrived in Bandiagara in the middle of the heat. So I’m resting up before continuing when it’s a little cooler later. I’m headed for Burkina Faso and hope to be in the capital, Ouagadougou, in about five days. I’m just hoping it’s an enjoyable ride, easing me back into it slowly. If my stomach holds up, it should all be fine. Fortunately I have lots of lovely muesli, from Mac’s Reguge where I was staying in Sevare, to keep me sustained!

I’m by myself now for the first time in months and am really looking forward to the next part of the trip…

‘Til the next update. Au Revoir.