That’s right – I’m going back. Returning to the place I left almost five years ago. Five years? Yep, that’s right; almost five years have passed since I arrived in Cape Town on my bicycle.

This time, I’m returning without the bicycle. Instead, I’ve got my motorbike. And there’s two of us, not just one. Jimmy’s along for a ride too. We’ll be riding out motorbikes and sometimes we’ll be ditching them somewhere and heading off on foot. It’s good to explore places at different speeds and in different ways.

In just one week’s time we’ll be touching down in Cape Town. Knowing how much I like the Western Cape, and all the wonderful people I met last time, I think it’ll be tough to leave the region. Jimmy’s not been, you see, and I really ought to show him the sights. So, once we’ve collected our bikes from the shipping warehouse and got them working, we’ll probably take a walk up Table Mountain, a trip round the Cape Peninsula and will definitely go drink some beer at the Waterfront, and probably go for a wine tour or two. Not to mention visiting a few old friends I met on my last trip. And that’s just for starters…

As for the rest of the route and timescales… Over the years I have learnt that planning a route is pointless. Vague ideas are far more practical. As for timescales – my last Africa trip was the only journey without a real timescale. And so it shall be with this one. I hate being in a rush. The slower the better. That’s why we’ll be walking quite a bit too.

So here’s our grand plan (subject to change)…

Africa: Take 2 - The Route
Africa: Take 2 - The Route